Increase your renewal revenue

Watch how to increase your renewal revenue


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What are the benefits renewal revenue
  • Protect and grow your recurring revenue
  • Easily communicate the value of service agreements to all your customers
  • Send your renewal notices at the right time with low effort


1. Go to Customer Info and then click on Manage Word Processor Templates

2. In the Templates window, click New. Then, provide a Name and click OK

3. Create your template, you can use Insert to automatically fill relevant customer info to your templates

4. From the Agreement list, click the 3 Horizontal line button in the Search field. Then click your Custom View that shows your Template's Agreements

5. Click Activities and then Print/Email all Selected Customer Billing Addresses

6. Click the Email using a Template button, and then click Begin

7. In the next screen, select your Template. Also, to keep track, select Attach sent documents to customer locations. Then click Send

8. Lastly, provide a Subject for the email. When you're ready, click Send or Send All if you want to automatically send all the emails at once

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