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Patch updates are quick and painless releases to make adjustments to the current release, fix bugs and update features.  Patch updates are tracked by the last two numbers of the ESC Version number.  For instance, running a patch on ESC Version 15.00.08 may change the Version number to 15.00.10.


Note: A patch update will not install a different version of ESC.  For instance, a patch update will not upgrade ESC Version 14 to Version 15.  A full upgrade can only be accomplished by uninstalling the current version (Version 14) and installing the new ESC client (Version 15). To perform a full version upgrade, click here.

To learn about the latest release, click here.

Part 1: Upgrading ESC

Before ESC can be upgraded you must close it on all computers. Follow these steps on your server to verify that everyone has closed it.

1. Logon to ESC using the ADMIN account and click on the Help pull-down menu, then select About.


2. Click the Current Users button to see a list of all the computers that are still connected to the database. Go to all of the computers listed, except for the computer you are currently on, and make sure they have ESC closed.


3. Click OK and then click the Current Users button again to make sure the server is the only computer listed. If any other computers are still showing here after getting them out of ESC, turn them off until this step is complete.

4. Close the Help screen once you have confirmed no one else is using the software.

5. Once everyone is out of ESC except the server, go to the ESC Dashboard and click the red Update Available link in the Currently Open Company section.  Select Yes when prompted to upgrade.


6. Once the upgrade is complete, you will be taken to the logon screen. Logon using the ADMIN account to convert the database. This should take less than 5 minutes in most cases.  After the database has been converted, have all the other computers logon to ESC. When they do they will be prompted to upgrade. Say Yes to this and have them logon using their own user name once the upgrade is complete.

Part 2: Remove the Accounting Server

The first step in upgrading the ESC Accounting Server is to uninstall it. This process is completely safe and will not affect your data in any way.

1. Close any open programs - including the ESC Accounting Server.

2. Click the Windows Start button and select Control Panel.

3. Click Programs and Features.

4. Right click ESC Accounting Server and then click Uninstall.


5. Once the uninstall is complete, close the Programs and Features and Control Panel windows.

Part 3: Install the ESC Accounting Server

1. Close any open programs, including ESC.

2. Click here to download the installation package. Save the file somewhere you can find it easily (such as your desktop or download folder).

3. When the download is complete, start the installation by double clicking the downloaded file.

4. Accept all the defaults as you go through the wizard. You do not need to do anything during the course of the wizard other than click the Next button.

5. Run the ESC Accounting Server by going to the Windows Start button and selecting Programs → dESCO → ESC Accounting Server.


The ESC Accounting Server will remember your previous settings so you can connect it normally at this point.

Part 4: Upgrade the Connections Server

This step should only be performed on your server.

1. Right click the ESC Connections Server Administrator icon in the System Tray (usually located in the lower right-hand corner near the time) and select Update.


Optional Step: (If this icon is not visible, try clicking the Show Hidden Icons button in that same area of the screen. If you still do not see it, click the Windows Start button and select Programs → dESCO → ESC Connections Server to display the icon. Agree to any Windows messages that might pop-up. This will start the upgrade process.)

Important Note: If you receive an error message and are unable to automatically complete the update, use the following article, click here.

2. Click the X in upper right-hand corner once the process says Complete.

3. At this point, the update process should be complete. To verify that, log out of ESC, if you're in it, then log back in. You will see the new Version number in the Currently Opened Company Section of the Dashboard.


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