Report Generation: Discover Infrequently Serviced Customers


Report Generation is a powerful tool capable of narrowing down customer lists based on different criteria associated to your customers.

  • Reach out to customers you haven't heard from lately
  • Report Generation allows for Exclude filters, enabling a wide array of different report results.
  • What customer's do not have Service Agreements
  • Customer's you haven't serviced in a particular date range
  • How many customer's were added in a particular month
  • Customer's with a specific piece of Equipment
  • and much more!
See it done



Step by step


1. In ESC, go to Customer Info | Reports | Report Generation.

2. Click on the History tab.

3. Click into the Date Serviced fields and enter a range of dates.

4. Check off the Exclude Customers Matching Criteria check box.

5. Click OK

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