A run-time error occurs when opening the dispatch board


Description of Issue:

When opening up the ESC Electronic Dispatch Board, a user may receive the following error:

Run-time error
'-2147467261 (80004003)'
Object reference not set to an instance object.

Clicking OK to the error will close ESC entirely.

Cause of Issue:

This error can happen if MapPoint has been enabled on an ESC workstation, but there is an issue with the MapPoint program. This commonly occurs if Microsoft MapPoint has been recently installed but the program was not opened on the machine first. The first time MapPoint is opened, the user will be asked to accept the license terms and register the software. These pop-up boxes will prevent ESC from being able to access the MapPoint program and therefore will cause the Run-time error.

This problem may also occur if there is a trial of the software installed instead of a full version, corruption within the program itself or if the version of MapPoint installed on this machine is not compatible with the version of Windows or ESC installed.


Close out of ESC and then within Windows, open up the MapPoint software directly. When it first starts you will have to accept the agreement and then clear the software registration screen. After that, you will be able to get right into the Microsoft MapPoint program. Close out of MapPoint and then start ESC and now the dispatch board will load correctly without the error.

Refer to the Microsoft MapPoint System Requirements in order to ensure that the version of MapPoint you have installed is compatible with your Windows operating system.

You may also refer to our System Requirements to ensure that the version of MapPoint you have installed is compatible with the version of ESC you have installed.

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