The record is already in use by ______


Description of Error:

When trying to access a dispatch either from the Electronic Dispatch Board or from the Enter Dispatches screen, a user may get the error:

The record is already in use by USERNAME

After clearing the error the dispatch does not come up and repeated attempts generate the same error. Ultimately, the user is unable to access or open this dispatch.

Cause of Error:

A dispatch can get locked in this way if another user has exited out of ESC while that record was in use. This can happen when a computer or operating system crashes or if the computer is powered off without going through the normal shut down procedures in Windows.


  1. The easiest solution is to log in as the user indicated in the error message, bring up the locked dispatch and then click SAVE. This should release it from being locked in the database.
  2. The next thing to try is to close ESC on all computers and then just log into ESC on a single machine and attempt to modify the dispatch.


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