How to move the ESC Accounting Server to another computer

This article will show you how to move the ESC Accounting Server from one computer to another.

Before You Begin:

Ensure the computer that you will be moving the ESC Accounting Server to has QuickBooks or Peachtree installed on it and that it can open the accounting database on that computer.


  1. Close all open programs.
  2. Install the ESC Accounting Server onto the new computer from the download available on our website.
  3. Log on to the desired company in QuickBooks or Peachtree on the new computer using the Admin account.
  4. Start the ESC Accounting Server.
  5. Select your Accounting Package then click the Retrieve button.
  6. Allow the ESC Accounting Server to integrate with your software. In Peachtree this is as simple as clicking Allow. With QuickBooks you will have to select Yes, always allow ESC to integrate, assign it a user (typically ESC or Admin), and grant it permission to see Social Security Numbers and other sensitive information. (Note: You will need to log into your Peachtree database first and leave it running on the new ESC Accounting Server computer before you will be able to properly integrate the programs)
  7. Click the Connect button to establish the connection.
  8. Note the name of the new server computer in the lower left-hand corner of the ESC Accounting Server.

Now perform the following steps on each and every ESC client.

  1. Within ESC select File → QuickBooks/Peachtree Connection Wizard.
  2. Click Next until you are prompted for the name of the server. Enter the name (or IP address if it is static) of the server and click Next again.
  3. Make sure the connection is successful and click Exit. You should see this before you get to the Match Chart of Accounts screen.
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