ESC Mobile Tech: How to remove a dispatch from a device


When a dispatch is assigned to a technician, it will appear in the Dispatch List on their mobile device (provided the "Maximum number of calls sent" limit has not been met). The information on the dispatch itself is not downloaded to that technician's device until the "Download" icon is tapped or the dispatch itself is opened for viewing. If, for some reason, that technician is not able to perform the assigned task, they'll need to remove that dispatch from the technicians device so that it may be reassigned to another technician.

Enter the "Remove Dispatch from Device" feature.


Before this feature, if a technician looked at the dispatch details on his mobile device, this would download the dispatch to that device. If your dispatcher tried to move the dispatch on the EDB, they would receive a warning message that the dispatch was downloaded to the device. Any parts that are on the dispatch would only go to the first tech that downloads the dispatch. On the New Mobile Manager app, you are prohibited from moving a dispatch that has been downloaded to a device. With this new feature, you are able to allow the dispatch to be moved and get past these issues.

On the mobile, the technician has a dispatch list. On the right side you would see the status if the dispatch has been downloaded or not. The icon represents that the dispatch has not been downloaded. Once the dispatch is downloaded, the icon will not be displayed and on the EDB you will see the phone icon. Any parts that are on the dispatch that where on the created dispatch from the desktop would also be on this device.


At this point the Management app will not be able to transfer this dispatch off the device to another tech. The technician can now change the dispatch to not downloaded simply by tapping the Edit option at the top of their Dispatch List. Any dispatch that is downloaded to their device will now show a red minus sign on the left. Tap the minus sign and a Remove option will appear, tap to remove the dispatch. The download icon will reappear. If no other dispatches are to be removed from this device, tap the Done option at the top of the screen. On the EDB, you will no longer see the Phone icon. Now you can reassign this dispatch to another technician from the Mobile Manager app or your EDB.


Additional Information:

Your technician will not be able to remove the dispatch from the device unless the dispatch meets the following requirements:

  • Status is in Pending.
  • The technician has not entered any items on the invoice.
  • There is not a signature captured.
  • There are no payments on the invoice.

A warning message will appear on the dispatch if any of these requirements have not been met.

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