Add detailed descriptions to the Profit Strategies import

ESC does not import the secondary detail from Profit Strategies, also known as QSP (Quality Service Pricing), by default. This behavior can be overridden by following this procedure:

  1. Export the data from QSP in both the standard format and the Callahan Roach format.
  2. Open Kimmons1 in Excel. Open Repairs2 in Excel and be sure to remove all fixed width divisions except for the first two, so you end up with 3 columns, and make sure all columns are formatted as text. Copy Repairs2 and paste it as a second sheet in Kimmons1.
  3. Then switch back to the Kimmons1 tab and paste this formula in column AD:
    =Trim(D1)&" "&Trim(VLOOKUP(C1,Sheet1!A:G,7,FALSE))
  4. Save the file as an ASCII Tab Delimited file and close it.
  5. Open it back up in Excel and cut column AD and paste it over column D. Save the file as an ASCII Tab Delimited file and close it.
  6. Open it in Notepad and replace tabs with the CR separator character, double quotes with @@, single quotes with nothing, and @@ with a single quote. Save it and import it using the CR import.
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