System Requirements for Version 15 Add-Ons

GPS Vehicle Tracking:

  • SageQuest/Reveal+ truck-mounted hardware
  • SageQuest/Reveal+ GPS Services
  • Integration license from dESCO

Caller ID:

  • Whozz Calling Hardware (2, 4, & 8-line phone systems can be connected in series to allow multiple boxes for even more phone lines)
  • Integration license from dESCO

Mapping & Routing:

  • Microsoft Mappoint 2010 or higher (for MapPoint integration only)
  • Constant Internet connectivity

Credit Card Processing:

  • Cayan account
  • Cayan encrypted card readers (optional)

Supported Card Readers: 

ESC MagTek Dynamag & IDTech SecureMag
ESC Laptop Mobile Client MagTek Dynamag & IDTech SecureMag
Android IDTech Shuttle
iPhone/iPad MagTek iDynamo

 Note: Card readers must be purchased directly through Cayan.

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