How Can I Charge a Customer's Credit Card through ESC?


dESCO has partnered with Cayan (formerly known as Merchant Warehouse) to provide credit card authorization and the ability to charge a card directly from within ESC and the ESC Mobile applications. Implementing this feature can help you reduce your outstanding receivable balance by ensuring payment is made before you leave the job. It can lower your transaction fees if you take advantage of the discounted rates offered when reading the credit card and it can save you time by allowing you to validate in the field without waiting for someone in the office.


Before you can begin authorizing credit cards in ESC you will need to setup a Cayan account. To setup an account, fill out their application online at or call them directly at 866-381-1398. They offer competitive rates and great service.

Once your account is setup you will receive an email from Cayan containing your Site ID, Key and Name. These can be entered into ESC by going to Company → System Setup → Integrations → Credit Card Service. Once there click the drop-down option next to Service and select Merchant Warehouse. Copy and paste the Site ID, Key and Name fields from the email you received from Cayan. Make sure there are no additional spaces before or after the information you are pasting!

Note: Intuit Merchant Services is an available option in the Service menu, however integration with this service has been discontinued and will continue to function for previously-integrated users only on the ESC desktop.

ESC communicates with Cayan using the internet. ESC must be connected to the internet to authorize and charge credit cards.

Reading Credit Cards

ESC supports magnetic stripe readers that can plugged into the USB port on desktop, laptop and tablet PCs as well as mobile units that can communicate with iOS and Android devices using a designated port. Using these devices to read a credit card gives you a discount on your fee for that transaction. To see a complete list of the magnetic stripe readers ESC support, please see our System Requirements page.

Now, anywhere you can enter credit card information in the system you will see an Authorize or a Save and Charge button. These buttons will open the Cayan portal on the screen, which will not only allow you to swipe the card, but also manually enter the information if the card itself cannot be swiped. Once the card has been authorized through the Cayan portal, the information will also be recorded in ESC.

Accepting Credit Cards in the Office

Once you have entered your Cayan settings, you will see that all the screens where payments can be entered now contain a new button called Save and Charge. To charge the credit card, enter the payment amount then simply click this button to be able to enter your information into Cayan.

Accepting Credit Cards in the Field

Dealing with credit cards in the field requires the ESC Mobile Laptop Client or the ESC Mobile Tech app on Android or iOS. Your settings will automatically be picked up from the ESC database and you will see an Authorize button in the Credit Card payment type screen. Tap this button to enter or swipe the card directly into the Cayan portal.

The credit card information is not stored in ESC or ESC Mobile. All screens in which a card can be swiped are property of Cayan and the information is being directly handled with their system.

Credit Card Security
When using the Cayan integration, no credit card data is ever stored in ESC. Instead, it is entered and stored directly on Cayan's PCI secure servers. This makes staying PCI complaint and protecting your customer's valuable data even easier.

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