How to Setup Automated Status Notifications

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Electronic Service Control uses a variety of Status Codes to track the progress of your dispatches.  But these status codes actually have another ability.  Each status code can be assigned to an email message that will automatically be sent to the customer's email address when their dispatch is set to that particular status.

In order for ESC to be able to send these messages out, there are a few requirements:

  • Electronic Service Control must have email settings entered that it can use to send these messages.  If you have not yet completed the Email settings in ESC, please see this article for help with doing so: Setup Email in ESC.
  • The ESC Connections Server must be installed and connected.  

Setup the Status Codes

  • To setup the Status Codes you wish to use, head to Dispatch → Enter Status Codes.

  • Double-click on a Status Code you want to set a notification for and then open the Notification tab.
  • Enter a subject and body for the message.
  • You can use the Insert button to insert merge codes into the body. The merge codes will automatically pull data from the database and fill it into the message when you send it.
  • Click OK when finished.

Proceed to the next status code you want to have a notification for, then move on to the next section when completely finished.

Setup the Customer

The email notifications are only sent out to customers that are able to receive them. A customer will only receive a notification if the following are all true:

  • The "Receives Email Notifications" box is checked on the customer's Location record. This is checked by default for all records.
  • The customer has an email address entered into their Location record with an Email task of "All" or "General" assigned to it.

Notifications in Action

When a status is changed in ESC, an email message is created for that customer and stored within ESC. Every 30 seconds, the ESC Connections Server looks for all new email messages and bulk emails the unsent messages to the contacts in the Location record.

Why Aren't My Notifications Being Sent?

Did you send yourself a test notification, but it doesn't appear to have been sent?  Here's how to troubleshoot:

  1. Head to Company → System Setup → Email and make sure that your email settings have been entered properly.  You can use the Test tab (under the Email tab) to test your connection with the outgoing email server to ensure that ESC is able to send emails.
  2. While still in System Setup → Email, navigate to the Addresses sub-tab and make sure the Status Notifications section is filled out.  Then click OK on the System Setup screen.

  3. Pay a visit to the server computer and open up the ESC Connections Server Administrator from your Windows System Tray (double-click the icon).  Head to the Settings section and click the Apply button.  This will refresh the ESC Connections Server's connection to the database and will pick up any new or changed settings.

  4. Open the customer for whom the dispatch was created in the Edit Customer Information screen and verify that the correct email address and that the Email Task for that address is set to "All" or "General".  
  5. Within that same customer record, make sure that the "Receives Email Notifications" box has a check mark in it.  Save the customer record.

  6. If ESC still fails to send Email Notifications when the status of a dispatch is changed, please contact ESC Technical Support for further assistance.  
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