ESC Mobile Laptop: Working with Equipment


It's important for your technicians in the field to know what work they need to perform when they reach a customer's location.  It's also just as important for them to know what they are working on.  What if they arrived on site to replace a fan motor and discovered that the structure has several different units?  This is why ESC - and ESC Mobile - provides Equipment tracking.  

When a customer calls for help, the dispatcher will have the ability to select a piece of equipment on the Dispatch screen that the technician needs to focus on.  We call this "attaching" the equipment.  If the equipment does not exist on the customer's record already, the dispatcher can add it right from the Equipment tab of the Dispatch screen.

Equipment can be attached or added from various other screens, including the Invoice screen, the Quote screen, the Agreement screen and so on.

When the technician views the dispatch in ESC Mobile Laptop, they'll be able to click on the Equipment button on the left side of the screen and see all items that have been 'attached' to the dispatch.  

If the technician needs to see more of the customer's equipment records, they can click the Download button at the top of the screen to retrieve all of the equipment records associated with this location.  

The technician can also add new equipment to the customer's records by clicking on the Add button and filling out the information in the provided fields.

Every field available in the Equipment screen in ESC will also be available to the technician in the field when they select an equipment record.

To make changes to a particular piece of equipment, the technician can simple select that record in the Equipment screen and then tap the Edit button at the top of the screen.  Changes and additions to the customer's equipment records will not appear in the office until the dispatch is marked Complete or transferred back to the office.

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