How to Setup and Use Terms


Terms can be created and used in ESC on both your customers and on your vendors.  The terms assigned to a customer will carry to their invoices and calculate the due date for their payments.  Terms assigned to vendors will appear on purchase orders to determine when your payment to them is due.

Setup Terms

New Terms can be created by going to Company → Setup Terms.  Standard terms are due within a certain number of days from the date of the transaction.  Date Driven terms can be set for a particular day of each month.  You may edit any existing Terms in this screen by simply double-clicking on the Term's name, then making your changes and clicking OK.

  1. To create a new term, click the Add New button.
  2. Assign the new Term a name.
  3. Select whether you want this term to be Standard or Date Driven.
    • If you have chosen a Standard Term, you'll want to enter the number of days from the transaction date you want the payment submitted by.  You can also assign a discount percentage if the payment is made early.

    • If you selected a Date Driven Term, you'll need to enter the date of each month on which payments are due.  You'll want to also enter a set number of days in which a transaction can be pushed off to the next month.  This prevents a payment from being due within a day or two of the transaction date.  Date Driven Terms will also allow you to assign a discount percentage if payment is submitted before a certain day of the month.

  4. Once you are satisfied with the setup, click OK.

Applying Terms to a Customer

Terms can be set for a customer when they are first created, or by editing the customer later.  You'll find the Terms field in the Customer screen, under the General tab.  

Click the drop-down menu, select your Term and then click Save on the customer's record.

When generating invoices for this customer, the Terms field can also be changed right on the Sales Invoicing screen.

Applying Terms to a Vendor

Terms can be set for a vendor when they are created, or by editing them later.  The Terms field can be found in the Vendor screen under the General tab.  Click the drop-down menu for the Terms field, select the Terms and click Save.  

Terms can also be updated directly on the Purchase Order screen, the Receive Items screen, the Vendor Receipt screen and the Vendor Credit screen.

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