ESC Mobile Tech: Viewing and Adding Customers


We all know that equipment doesn't break only during business hours. That's why you need the ability to handle your customers' needs any time of the day, from anywhere. And that's exactly what ESC Mobile allows you to do!  From the Customers section of the ESC Mobile app, you can view a customer's information - such as equipment, history and documents, as well as generate a quote or dispatch for that customer.

To access the Customers section, tap the Dispatching button at the top of the Current Dispatches screen; select the Customers option that appears.

In the Customers section, you'll start off with only a single search field. This is where you will enter the criteria by which you want to find the customer you need. Enter the customer's information - which can be a name, address or phone number - and then tap the Search button. A list of customers that match that criteria will appear, tap one to open their information.

Much like the Dispatching portion of the app, you will have the option to view a customer's agreements, documents, equipment and history. However, you will not be able to edit this information from this portion of the app. To view the customer's information, tap the corresponding button on the navigation bar. You may also directly contact the customer using the Contact information displayed in the Customer Information panel. You may also edit their contact information by tapping the Edit button in the Contacts area.

Keep in mind that in order to edit a customer's contact information, you will need this permission enabled for your user in ESC.

Add a Customer

What if the customer is new and has not been added to your system yet? Don't worry, we have that covered too. You can add a customer by tapping on the Add a New Customer button at the bottom of the customer list and filling in their information.

You may only create a single location from the mobile app, so the address and phone information you enter will be used as both the Billing and Location information for that customer record.

Once you hit the Create Customer button at the bottom, that record will be opened in the Customer Information screen so that you may add a quote or dispatch for that customer.

To return to your Dispatch List, tap the Customers button at the top and select the Dispatching option that appears.

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  • Many of our customers have multiple locations and there should be a way for the on-call tech or dispatcher to add a new location to a customer from the mobile app. At the very least a manager using the manager mobile app should be able to add locations.

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