ESC Mobile Laptop: Attaching and Viewing Documents


One of the benefits of all ESC Mobile Applications is the ability to view documents that are attached to a customer's profile.  ESC allows you to attach a wide range of file types to a customer's profile, thus making these files available to your technicians and managers in the field.  

A technician can access attached documents in ESC Mobile Laptop by opening a dispatch on the screen and then clicking on the Documents tab on the left.

Simply click on any document you wish to view.  Of course, you'll need to make sure that you have a program or app installed that can display the file.  For instance, if you wish to view a PDF document, you'll need a PDF Viewer, such as Adobe Reader.  

Technicians will also be able to attach images to a customer through ESC Mobile Laptop.  This is as easy as clicking on the Add button in the Documents screen, selecting the image and then giving it a name.  

If you receive an error that you have not been granted permission to view or edit documents, this can be adjusted by going to Company → Setup Users in ESC and editing the user's Security Options to include the ability to Attach Documents or Edit Attached Documents under the Mobile Permissions heading.  

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