How to Work With Customer Sort Codes


Sort codes are nothing more than a way to group customers together - much like a set of 'tags' for your customer base. These groups can then be used in conjunction with the Report Generation screen to create reports, emails or letters. 

Example: If you want to group all your Spanish speaking customers together, create a SPA code with a description of Spanish speaking customer. Add this code to a customer location and save the customer. Now go to the Report Generation screen and add the SPA code and click OK. This will provide you with a list of Spanish speaking customers that you can print or send a letter to in Spanish.

Creating a New Sort Code

  1. To create a new sort code, head to Customer Info → Enter Sort Codes.

  2. Click the Add New button.
  3. Fill in the Sort Code and Description.
  4. Click OK and then exit the Sort Codes screen.

Modifying an Existing Sort Code

  1. To edit an existing Sort Code, head to Customer Info → Enter Sort Codes.
  2. Double-click on the code that needs to be edited. 
  3. Make changes to the Description field (the Code cannot be changed).
  4. Click OK and then exit the Sort Codes screen.

Delete an Existing Sort Code

ESC does not allow a Sort Code that is currently in use on a customer's record to be deleted.  Therefore, any code still in use will remain in the Sort Codes list, unless it is removed from all customers first and then deleted.  

  1. Go to Customer Info → Reports → Report Generation.
  2. Click on the Sort Codes tab.
  3. Click the Add Code button and select your code(s).

  4. Click OK on the Report Generation screen.
  5. Select the Print a Report option on the left side of the screen.
  6. In the report list, select Customer List.
  7. Click Preview to view the list on your screen and export it to a PDF or click the Print button to print the report to paper.  

  8. With the list ready, head to the Customer Center and look up the first customer's name.
  9. Right-click on the customer in the list and select Edit Customer.

  10. Click on the Sort Codes tab.
  11. Highlight the code you wish to get rid of and hit the Delete button on your keyboard.
  12. Click Save on the Customer screen.  
  13. Repeat the process until the code has been removed from all customers.  
  14. Now you may delete the code by going to Customer Info → Enter Sort Codes.
  15. Highlight the code you wish to delete and click the Delete button on the toolbar.  If ESC tells you that the code is being used on a customer, start over from Step 1 to find which customer is still using the code.

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