Monthly Maintenance Utility


This is a file maintenance routine that deletes records that fall outside the range of records that you would like to keep.  This particular feature is for use only for emergency purposes.  It is highly recommended that you contact ESC Support for assistance before purging records from your database.

In the Company → System Setup → File Maintenance screen, you can select the number of months that you would like to keep records for in the various modules. The default is 999 (a little over 83 years) and it is recommended that you leave this setting, unless you have a specific reason for purging older data from your system. Selecting the "Perform File Maintenance" button will delete any records that fall outside the range of months selected in the System Setup screen.

If any documents were attached to customer records outside of the period you want to keep, they will be archived instead of deleted. This allows you to still recall those records at any time as long as the archive file is available.  A message similar to the one below will appear if any documents are archived. It will tell you the name of the archive file and where it is located. It is important that you backup these archive files onto some removable media to protect them. It is also recommended that these files are stored in a shared directory on the server so the archived documents will be available to anyone on any computer when needed.

WARNING!  Purging records and archiving documents does not shrink the size of your database.  This process is not reversible!

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