Where is the Qualification Screen?

Change is inevitable.  But not many people like it when changes happen.  In our ongoing efforts to make Electronic Service Control even better, we look for ways to speed up processes and cut down on the number of steps it takes to work with the information you need.  For that reason, you'll notice that the latest versions of ESC have List screens and Views that enable you to find the information you're looking for faster and easier.  Each of these screens contains a Detail panel that - when you select a record - provides you with a wide array of information on your selected record.  Thus, eliminating your need to jump to a completely different screen to get an overview of the customer's information.  

"But I loved the Qualification screen!"

Yes, we did too.  But to all things there is an end.

"No!  I must have my Qualification screen back!"

Well, ok.  If you insist...

  1. Head to Company → System Setup.  The first tab you'll see is the Company Information tab.
  2. Look for the Legacy Mode check box and place a check in it.
  3. Click OK.  

Your old friend, the Qualification screen, will now be available from many of the menus and screens it was in previous versions, including the icon bar.

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