ESC Mobile Tech: Creating Quotes for Customers


Whether the customer was provided a quote in the office or needs to be provided one from the field, both options are available in ESC Mobile.

To view outstanding quotes for this customer or create a new one, start out by tapping the Quotes button on the navigation bar.  This can be done from within an existing dispatch on which you are working or by locating the customer in the Customer's section of the Mobile Tech app.

The first screen that opens will be the Pending Quotes screen. Accepted and Rejected quotes will not be available. You may view and email a pending quote by simply tapping on the quote in the list. ESC Mobile does not have built-in printing capabilities, but you may print the quote for your customer by tapping the View Quote option, which will load the quote in a PDF format, which can then be printed with any print app on your device.

To add a new quote for this customer, tap the Add a New Quote button. The Enter Quote screen is identical to the Invoicing screen.

If your items are barcoded, you may select the Scan option to begin scanning items directly onto the quote. No additional hardware is necessary. The first time you select the Scan option, your device will prompt you to install an app called "Barcode Scanner". This app is what turns the device's camera into a barcode scanner, which can read both barcodes and QR codes.

If your items are not barcoded, you can search for them manually by clicking the Add Item button and entering keywords or part numbers. Hitting the Search button or the Enter button on the keypad will produce a list of all inventory items and billing codes that match the criteria you entered. Simply tap on an item to select it.

In the item Details screen, you will be able to edit the Description, Price and Quantity of the item. If the customer is taxable, but you want to exclude this particular item from the taxable amount, you may uncheck the Taxable box. This is not necessary, however, if the customer is set to Exempt tax, because no tax will be generated anyway.

If the item you selected has Flat Rate options, a field labeled Repair will appear that lets you choose the Rate to be applied to this item. If no rate is applied, then only the price of the item is added to the quote. If a flat rate option is selected, you will no longer be able to edit the Price field.

Once the item or code has been entered correctly, you may select Save to return to the Enter Quote screen, Delete to clear the item and return to the Item Search screen, or Save and Add New to save the item and return to the Item Search screen.

Back on the Enter Quote screen, you have the option to collect an Authorization signature. The Authorization signature is to show that they agree to the quoted procedures and charges. The Authorization signature will lock down the invoice, so no further changes can be made once the customer agrees to it. If changes do need to be made, the signature can be cleared and collected again once the changes are made.

To exit the Enter Quote screen, simply tap the Back arrow in the top-left corner of your screen. You may exit the quote at any time and return later to add more items or collect a prepayment or signature.

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