Running Reports in ESC

In ESC there are several different ways to retrieve and view information.  A common form of viewing information in ESC is through reports.  

In most reports you have the option of adding filters. If that option is available the filter screen will have Add Filter and Remove Filter buttons at the top of the filter screen. To add a filter click Add Filter and click on desired filter. That item will then be listed as the last option in the filter column.

The Report Preview Screen

Print – Gives you the ability to print the report after previewing it.

Export – You can export any report to Excel, PDF, XML or ASCII from the Report Preview screen by pressing the Export button in the upper left corner of the screen.

Refresh – Use the refresh button to refresh report after any changes are made to assure current data is being viewed.

Find – Use to find any “string” in a report, especially useful when searching for particular items in large reports.

Filters – You do not need to exit a report to change the filter options. Simply click on the Filters button at the top of the report and it will return you to the filter screen.

Navigation – Use to navigate through the report. Beginning of report – back one page – forward one page – end of report

Zoom & View – Use these options to view the reports in a way and size most useful to you.

You also have the ability to drill down from reports to the records contained in them. When viewing a report your cursor is a hand, when it changes to a pointing finger you can drill down to that record by clicking on the item you want to see.

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  • Avatar
    Gina Monson

    What user permissions are needed in order to utilize the Add Filter and Remove Filter report feature? My user has permission to view a certain report (Purchase Order Detail); however, she receives a security error message when trying to add a filter.

  • Avatar
    Scott Haugsjaa

    Great question Gina!

    It's under Utilities in a User's Permissions, it's called Configure Report Filters.

    So, in ESC, CompanySetup Users > click the User > click Edit > click Next > scroll down to and expand Utilities (just below Dashboard) | check off Configure Report Filters.

    Edited by Scott Haugsjaa
  • Avatar
    Gina Monson

    Perfect! Thank you, Scott!

  • Avatar
    Scott Haugsjaa

    You're very welcome my friend!

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