How Do I Track Commissions for my Employees?


Commissions can be tracked in ESC for both technicians and sales people.  These commissions can be generated on the profits of a range of invoices or on the total sales for a range of invoices.

In order to calculate commissions in ESC you must first create commission codes and assign them to your employees. 

You can add new codes by going to Sales → Enter Commission Codes and clicking the Add New button on the toolbar.

ESC supports a 3-tier commission structure. This allows you to give progressively greater incentives as sales people or technicians sell more. As you can see in the following example, this commission code is setup so that a salesperson who sells up to $40,000.00 will get a 10% commission. If they sell between $40,001.00 and $60,000.00 they will receive a 12% commission, and if they top $60,001 they will make a commission of 15% on everything that they sold - not just the amount that was above $60,001.00.

The dollar ranges you use for this calculation should be based on your sales goals. So if you calculate commissions monthly, make the values here reflect what you know (first range), hope (second range) and pray (third range) the employee can sell in that time period.

A powerful thing to note is that you can have as many of these codes as you want. So it is possible to have separate codes for technicians and salespeople. You could even have a separate code for each sales person if you wanted to really customize this.

After creating your commission codes, go to Dispatch → Enter Technicians to associate them with your employees.  Double-click on an employee record to edit it, select the appropriate code and then click OK.

Commissions can be earned by both a salesperson and a technician on your invoices.  A technician, however, will only earn commission based on the percent of the invoice they are getting credit for (you can find this under the Technician tab on the Sales Invoicing screen).  

You can then use the Commission Report or Technician Commission Report to see the commission earned by each employee.  Both can be found by going to Sales → Reports.  We recommend that the Date filters be run for the date range included in your payroll.  This will ensure you have accurate figures to include with your payroll and that no date is accidentally counted twice.  

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