Step 7 of 9: Getting Started with Purchasing & Vendors

Welcome to the dESCO onboarding program covering the primary modules of ESC. This session will cover the Vendors and Purchasing modules.

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The Vendors and Purchasing module in ESC provides you with the ability to create and manage your Vendors, as well as order Items from them and return Items to them. If you are using our ESC Accounting package, you'll also have options for Paying Bills and Taxes.

  • Note: Vendors are individuals or companies you'll be paying for supplies and services. Generally, Vendors are used on Purchase Orders in ESC so that you can restock your inventory or order Items for specific projects. Vendors are also used when setting up Sales Tax for your Invoices.


  • Billed: Accounts Payable Bill created and sent to your acccounting package
  • Buyer: Technician who placed the Purchase Order
  • Confirm To: Point of contact at Vendor that order was placed with
  • Memo: RMA Entry
  • Split Line: Split the quantities of an Item into two lines
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