Work Orders are not transferring to Fleetmatics



Dispatches are being created in ESC and are assigned to technicians, but those work orders are not appearing in Fleetmatics.


  • This could be caused by a number of different issues  
    • It could be that the ESC Connections Server is not connected with Fleetmatics
    • Technicians in ESC are not transferring to the drivers/vehicles on the Fleetmatics side
    • The Customer's Location does not have a valid/or no address is present


First, make sure the ESC Connections Server is configured and has internet access.  The ESC Connections Server is usually installed on the server computer and can be found in the system tray (next to your clock).


Double-click on the icon to open the ESC Connections Server Administrator.  Then go to Settings → In-Truck GPS.  Make sure your User Name and Password have been entered, then click Apply.  

Next, you'll want to verify that your technicians' 4-digit Employee ID in ESC matches their Vehicle ID and Driver ID in Fleetmatics.

  1. Log into your Fleetmatics account.
  2. Click on your profile image at the top to display a menu.  Select Admin from that menu.  There may also be an Admin option on the toolbar above your Live Map that you can select.
  3. From the Admin screen, click on Driver List if you already have your drivers setup in Reveal.  Click on Create a New Driver if you are adding them for the first time.
  4. Switch to Electronic Service Control and open the Enter Technicians screen from the Dispatch menu.  This will show you a list of Technicians entered into ESC and will also show the 4-digit Technician ID for each technician.
  5. Back in Fleetmatics, enter the 4-digit Technician ID from ESC as the Driver Number for the driver that corresponds with that ESC Technician.  This is how ESC knows which Fleetmatics Drivers match which ESC Technicians.  If you are entering a new driver, complete the rest of that Driver's information before clicking Save.
    Note: The Driver Number must be the exact same 4-digits, including preceding zeros.  
  6. Once all Driver's have been matched to ESC Technicians, the same must be done for the Vehicles.  To do this, head back to the Admin screen and select Vehicle List.  
  7. Edit each Vehicle individually to assign that same 4-digit Technician ID you used earlier to the Vehicle that Technician/Driver will be driving. 

From this point forward, all assigned dispatches should begin to transfer to Fleetmatics when they are assigned to technicians.  If you continue to experience problems, please contact our Support team.

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