Step 3 of 9: Getting Started with Invoicing


Welcome to the dESCO onboarding program covering the primary modules of ESC. This session will cover the Sales Invoicing module.

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  1. Post: 1-way transfer to your accouting package
  2. Departments: Job Class in Quickbooks
  3. Sales Person: Person receiving Commission
  4. Clerk: Person on a POS register
  5. Billing Code: service Items
  6. On Hold: Invoice does not push to accounting package
  7. Item: Billing Code, Part Code, History Code
  8. Part Code: Inventory Item
  9. History Code: History entry line Item

The Sales Invoicing modules within ESC handles everything from invoices to quotes to credits and more. It records notes to History from Invoices, Adjust Inventory quantities when Items are sold or returned and controls a multitude of other features.

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  • We desperately need 2 things. 1. The ability to insert a line on the equipment screen. This will allow us to enter new equipment data under a particular system. We have clients that have up to 10+ systems, air cleaners, wine coolers, ice machines, dehumidifiers, etc., (yes in 1 house, known as "cottages" in our neck of the woods) and it gets really confusing when all of the equipment cannot be paired with the location, i.e. bedroom, kitchen, pool house, etc. I have asked several times for this to be added. Please build that into the next update. 2. It would be very helpful to be able to select print or no print upon entering a history code, and not having to do so on each invoice. That would give us the ability to see any info from the history screen that we would not want the customer to see, but would be very helpful to us should we need to discuss the invoice with the customer. Please consider including this in the next update. Thank you. - Shirley

  • Thanks for your feedback, Shirley!
    When you're looking to make a request to the software, next time, please consider using the General Discussion area of our community. This is the designated area, which makes it easier for us to track particular requests and so others can voice their support for this as well.

    Again, thanks for the feedback!

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