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We are often asked about our suggestions on methods of office communication, or how to chat with techs in the field.

While texting and emailing are suitable options, sometimes we need more. Here at dESCO we use a 3rd party program known as Slack and it's pretty great at office/field communication, as well as a list of other features. Best of all, it's free.

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You Can Slack Anywhere
There are Slack apps that run on Windows, iOS and Android devices, so no matter where you are you can keep in constant communication with people in your company. Slack also has a web interface so you can even access it when you are away from your normal devices.

Direct Messaging
Instantly connect with someone on your Slack network. Need to message Tom about an address change on his next job, send him a message. He’ll receive a notification on his mobile device, see the message, and be able to directly reply back to you.

Public and Private Channels
Setup a Channel(s) that includes only the people needed for a certain conversation. Want a way to instantly send out a message to all of your technicians, setup a Channel specifically designed for your field techs. Or, maybe you have multiple Dispatchers and need a way to make sure everyone is on the same page? Setup a Channel that includes your office staff.

Drag-and-Drop File Sharing
Need to send a form to a technician or vice-versa? You can quickly access the library on your device and send a file to anyone on your Slack. This is great for businesses that utilize specific forms that are required in the field.

Over 70 Integrations
Does your company use Dropbox or Google Drive to organize important files? Slack connects directly to those services and many, many more.

Slack is Free
There’s nothing to explain, it’s literally free. The team over at Slack has put together a great, quick, video that explains their product and shows you the program in action. If you have two minutes, take a look! Also, if you have any other questions or are looking to download Slack, head on over to their webpage.

Slack is a third party program that does not integrate with ESC. We are not affiliated with their company in any way. But, we wanted to let you know about a great utility that’s been really helpful to us since we started using it. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy Slack!

Scott Haugsjaa

Written by Scott Haugsjaa
Featured in April 2015 Newsletter

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