How To View Your Top Customers


The Top Customers report in ESC's Sales section provides you with a great way to see - and maybe even reward - your top spending customers.  It will list the 30 customers that have spent the most with your business in order from the highest to the lowest, based on your selected criteria.

Start by heading to Sales → Reports → Top Customers.

In the Filter screen, you may choose a date range by Accounting Period or Invoice Date by which to run the report.  If you don't choose either, the report will be for the entire lifespan of your database.  You can also add more detailed filters by clicking the Add Filter button on the toolbar.

Under the Type drop down menu, you'll be able to choose how your customers are ordered: by the amount of Profit they have generated or by the total amount of their Sales Income.  When you're ready to run the report, click Preview.

You will now see a list of your top 30 customers with the total amount of Sales Income or Profit they have generated for your business.  To view more information about the customer, you may click on their name to open their record in the Customer screen.  You may also Print or Export this report using the options available on the toolbar.

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