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Electronic Service Control only allows for a single dispatch template at a time. If you import a new ticket, your current ticket will be overwritten. Be sure to export your current template first in case you want to go back to it later. Once you have selected a dispatch template to use with ESC, you may customize that ticket to your liking, or print a dispatch to see how the layout looks. 

How do I replace my current Dispatch template?

  1. Download a new dispatch template from the choices below.
  2. Go to File → Print Options → Forms. You'll see three options next to Dispatch Ticket: Customize, Import, Export.
  3. If you wish to save your current Dispatch template first, click Export.
  4. 4. Now click Import and select the file you downloaded to your computer.
Default Dispatch Template Preview
Modified Dispatch Template 1 Preview
Modified Dispatch Template 2 Preview
Modified Dispatch Template 3 Preview
Modified Dispatch Template 4 Preview
Modified Dispatch Template 5 Preview
Modified Dispatch Template 6 Preview


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    Scott Haugsjaa

    Hey Jim! Thanks for letting us know. It looks like everything should be back to normal!

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    I'm unable to download any of these as a file. It opens another web page with all the text code. I try saving that but it isn't recognized when I try and import it. I'm using 15 and I have Chrome as my browser.  --  never mind!!!

    Edited by Mike
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    Scott Haugsjaa

    Glad you got it Mike! Would you mind sharing what you did to get it working? It may help someone else in the future!

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    I chatted with Alex Menendez.... it was all in the wording. You have to right click and "save link as" when using Chrome. I thought that just saves the address.

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    Here's one for everyone out there including tech support. I currently don't use ESC for invoicing. I do however "close" out my dispatches by adding notes to the dispatch of what the tech did to complete the call. How can I get that history to show up on my printed dispatches? This would make it easier on me by giving the techs what they need to know right away instead of me reading through all the previous dispatches when I qualify. I know, I know, get mobile that will fix it!! lol... soon I hope.

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