PDF's Emailed From ESC are Distorted


ESC allows you to email a number of items to your customers, vendors and even your technicians.  You can send quotes, purchase orders, invoices and even your own customized documents, such as newsletters or coupons.  In order to be able to send those documents, ESC first needs to convert them to a PDF format that gets attached to the message you are sending.  

It's a little known fact that the process of converting information on the screen to a PDF document is generally handled by your printer drivers.  And like all things electronic, those drivers can trip from time-to-time.  When this happens, the document may still make it to PDF format, but doesn't show right.  It may appear as the information is too big for the PDF document or the file may appear blank altogether.  Believe it or not - there's an easy and fast fix for this issue.

The Fix

  1. Close all programs on the computer.
  2. Right-click on your Windows Start menu and select Control Panel.  Now open Devices and Printers (this will be under Hardware and Sound in Category view).
  3. If you have unnecessary PDF printers or converters installed by other programs, you’ll want to remove them (as long as you are not using them). Then change your default printer to something different than what it is currently (like the Microsoft XPS Printer). You can do this by right-clicking on the printer option and selecting “Set as default”.
  4. Now close the Control Panel and reboot the computer.
  5. You may now return to Control Panel → Devices and Printers and set your preferred printer back to the default.

As always, if you need assistance with this process, you may contact our award-winning support team for help.  

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