How To Turn on ESC Accounting


ESC has several options when it comes to including accounting procedures with your service practices.  By far, the easiest of these options is ESC's own built-in Accounting package.  By having it all in one program, you eliminate the stress of running multiple programs, monitoring what gets posted and what doesn't, and eliminate the risk of connection problems.

ESC Accounting does require its own license, so you'll want to reach out to your dESCO Sales representative first for a new license key.  You'll activate this new license by copying the key from an email we'll be sending you and pasting it into your License screen (Help → About → License).

Now it's time to enable the Accounting features within ESC.  You can do this by going to Company → System Setup → Accounting.  

In the Select Accounting System drop-down menu, select ESC Accounting.

Now, click the drop-down next to Pay Week Start and select the day of the week that your payroll will begin.  

If you decide you want to track Work-In-Progress jobs by designating specific accounts when closing jobs, you'll check the Enable Work-In-Progress Accounting box.


As for the rest of the screen, you'll leave it alone for now and come back later to finish the setup once your Chart of Accounts and System Accounts are setup.  Click OK to close the System Setup screen.

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