Backloading Open Checks and Deposits in ESC Accounting


Before backloading, go to Company → Select Open Accounting Period and select the oldest period created at the bottom of the list. This will allow items to be entered without getting a “Period is Closed” error. 

Writing Checks

After doing the bank reconciliation for the last month in your previous accounting package, enter any open (un-cleared) checks entered - but not cleared - as of your closing date in each bank account. Select the bank account from the drop-down list and choose “Mark as already printed” as the status. In the Pay To drop-down choosing Customer, Employee or Vendor will activate the appropriate list in the next field. Choosing Manual will allow free-form entry. Use the original date of the check and the correct amount of the check. Use the invalid account for the account number.

Making Deposits

Select the bank account you need to enter any outstanding deposits for and then press the New button in the upper-left corner of the screen, choose Deposit. Use the original date of the deposit, use any Deposit ID you wish and a Memo, if desired. Use the Invalid Account for the Credit Account and enter the total of the deposit.

Make sure all open checks and deposits are entered, but don’t worry about your opening/closing balance at this time.

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