Backloading Warranty Jobs in ESC Accounting


Backloading Warranty Jobs

To backload any warranty jobs and have them work and appear as warranty jobs on reports, you must first setup a job with the original Job Name. ESC will add a W to the beginning of the name to create a warranty job.

After jobs have been setup, go to Company → General Journal List → Add Journal Entry to do a journal entry to enter the opening balance for each warranty job. Make sure the journal entry is dated in the backload period.

The amount entered should be the warranty reserve closing balance for that job from your previous software. Credit the Warranty Holding account and debit the Invalid account. Be sure to enter the original Job Name on the Warranty Holding account line, but not on the Invalid Account line (as shown above). You can also enter the line item to the Warranty Holding Account for each job and then enter one line to the Invalid Account to offset all of them.

Once the Warranty Reserve opening balances have been entered, go to Customer Info → Job List, recall each job and change the Status to Closed.

You should receive a message saying that the W job has been created and the amount entered in the Journal Entry has been moved to that job.

After back loading is complete, the Warranty Reserve report from your previous program should match the Warranty Job Report in ESC.

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