Peachtree Connection Wizard: Connect


Now that we have the ESC Accounting Server connected to your Sage 50 database, our next step is to run the Peachtree Connection Wizard in ESC. We recommend running the wizard for the first time on the machine where Sage 50 and the ESC Accounting Server are installed. The Peachtree Connection Wizard can be found by going to your File menu in ESC.

Step One: Connect

The first screen that appears will ask for the Server Name or IP address of the computer the ESC Accounting Server resides on. If you're not sure what to enter in this field you can turn to the ESC Accounting Server, which will provide you with both the Server Name and the IP Address. It is recommended that you use the Server Name to connect. Enter this information into the field provided in the Connection Wizard. Now press the Next button. You should receive this message: "The Connection to Peachtree was Successful!" Simply click Next again.


Next Step: Match Chart of Accounts

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