How Do I Setup Memorized Charges?


The Memorize Credit Card Transactions feature is an ESC Accounting only feature and works in conjunction with the Cayan merchant integration. It allows you to schedule a recurring credit card charge at a specified interval and then post them in bulk, similar to the Post Recurring Transactions feature in ESC Accounting. You can use this feature to automate service agreement payments, pay down an invoice or just setup recurring payments. This feature requires a Cayan account before using it. 

Learn more about the Cayan integration with ESC here.

Setting Up a Recurring Charge

To start setting up your recurring payments, go to Receivables → Memorize Credit Card Transactions. You can get to this screen from other areas in the software such as the Activities menu in the Customer screen, Agreement screen or the Sales Invoicing screen. The first screen that comes up allows you to select the customer\agreement\job this recurring transaction is for, an open credit department in case the payments create an open credit and then enter the customer’s credit card information. Click Next when you’re ready to proceed.

The 2nd screen allows you to specify the interval at which the credit card is charged. One very important thing to pay attention to is the Range of Recurrence area. This tells you when the first transaction will be created. ESC calculates the first transaction date from the date you specify in the Start field. The Start date is NOT the first date of the transaction; it’s the date that ESC uses to calculate the first date of the transaction. For example, if you wanted to charge a customer on the 1st of every month and the first charge was to be done on 6/1/10 then you would put the Start date as “05/01/2010”. Once you’re satisfied with the recurrence pattern and your settings click OK.

See Post Recurring Credit Card Transactions to create the payments.

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