Peachtree Connection Wizard: Match Chart of Accounts


Now you are in the 'Match Chart of Accounts' portion of the wizard. Click Next to begin scanning the Chart of Accounts in both ESC and Sage 50. When it is finished, you will be presented with two columns. The column on the right will provide you with a list of all unmatched accounts in Sage 50. The column on the left will display all unmatched accounts from ESC. If an account in ESC has an identical name to an account in Sage 50, those accounts will be matched up automatically, and you will not seem them in the lists. It is mandatory that all ESC accounts be matched to Sage 50 before you will be able to continue, but not necessary to have all of your Sage 50 accounts in ESC. In fact, adding unnecessary accounts to ESC will increase the processing time to post sales invoices to Sage 50.

Begin by clicking on the first account in the ESC list, this will highlight that account. If there is no account on the Sage 50 list that is similar in function to the account you have highlighted, then you will want to click on the Add account to Peachtree button at the bottom of the column.


If the account you have chosen on the ESC side is the same in function as an account in the right column, then you will also highlight that account and then click the Match button between the two columns. This will link the two accounts together.


Once all accounts have been matched between the two programs (remember, not all Sage 50 accounts need to be matched), click the Next button.

Note: When you match accounts between the programs, the account number and description that is being used in ESC will be changed to those used by Sage 50.

Once your accounts have been matched, the wizard will quickly scan and match up the Terms between ESC and Sage 50.  This will help to ensure that all accounts receivable transactions maintain the same aging dates between both programs.


Next Step: Synchronize Vendors

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