Tech Email Report

The Tech Email Report provides a listing of all of the dispatches emailed to technicians that has taken place in the software for the time specified.  Any dispatches or manual pages sent from ESC are listed on the report, along with an indication of whether the message was sent successfully or not.  This allows the user to verify that the pages have been successfully sent.

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    Ben Robles


    Can you please expand on what the necessity would be to email the dispatch to a technician? Would this only be necessary if the technician didn't have ESC mobile?

    Also, what is the purpose of the manual page and how is that executed in ESC?

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    Scott Haugsjaa

    This report and the Email Tech feature, was designed before the Mobile App existed, so you are exactly correct.

    We've seen some clients use Email Tech, still, as a feature to use in conjunction with the Mobile Tech, since you can setup Email Notifications on most current smart phones/tablets. So this is like an extra reminder, you know?

    The Enter Technician screen has a Pager field, but it doesn't do anything in ESC anymore.

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    How can we find out which user emailed the tech?

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