Send Support Files

The Electronic Service Control software internally generates files and logs that are helpful to us in diagnosing and resolving occasional support questions. A support technician may need to see these files and logs to determine a solution. The Send Support Files features will simplify the task of emailing these files to us.

SMTP Server

The SMTP server that you use to connect to the



Enter the password for your email client, if one is used. As with the Logon Name or Profile above, if you don’t use either with your email client, there is no need to enter a password here. If you have a logon name or profile set up on your email client, and if you leave this field blank, you will be prompted for that password by your email client.

Check the file(s) you wish to send. We will advise you on which file to send based on the nature of your support question.

· Failsafe Error Log

· QuickBooks XML Log

· Conversion Log

· QuickBooks IIF File


Additional Notes

Enter any information here that you feel may be useful to us in answering your question such as what is displayed on a particular screen, what you see on a certain report, or a description of an error message you may be receiving. This text will appear in the body of the email that is sent to us, and the checked files, above, will be attached to this email.

Click on Send, and the email and attachment(s) will be sent to your email program to be immediately sent.

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