Sales Sort Code Analysis Report


The Sales Sort Code Analysis report allows you to see and compare the volume of sales attached to various Sales Sort Codes Sales Sort Codes allow you to track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns. Use this field to select how the customer heard about you. Codes can be created or edited on the Enter Sales Sort Codes screen.

This can be very helpful in comparing different forms of advertising, for example, depending on what you use the Sales Sort Code for. It shows the number of invoices attached to each code for the time period, and also shows the total sales dollars and percentage of total dollar sales for each code, allowing you to identify your most profitable types of sales.

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  • Absolutely. Go into the Report's Filters, you'll see Accounting Period.

    Change the From field by clicking the drop-down arrow. You'll be presented with a list of Accounting Periods, just find last years.

    I also tested this again, by typing into the field and that seemed to work.

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  • Are you able to view the previous year?
    Seems when entering the criteria it clears the field and doesn't pull from the previous year. And ideas. Thanks

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