Warehouse Reorder Report


This screen is used to print a report showing inventory items that need to be reordered. Items will appear on the report if their actual quantity in stock is equal to or less than the Minimum Quantity as entered on the Inventory Entry Screen.

The parts for each selected warehouse are listed on this report. Also listed for each part is the description, the Minimum Quantity and Reorder Quantity as set on the Inventory Entry screen, the current part count for that item in this warehouse, and the Amount to Order. The Amount to Order is the difference between the Reorder Quantity that is set on the Inventory Entry screen, and the actual quantity of this part in this particular warehouse. When this report is printed, it will display any parts for selected warehouses where the current quantity is equal to or less than the reorder quantity.

Note: On inventory items with a Buy/Sell Ratio greater than one, the quantities that are shown here for the Minimum and Reorder quantities are the resale quantities rather than the purchased quantities. For example, if each 100-foot roll of tubing is purchased as one unit, and if it is sold by the foot, the Buy/Sell Ratio on the Inventory Entry screen is 100. The Minimum and Reorder quantities here apply to the number of feet of tubing, and not the number of 100-foot rolls. If this report shows that you have a reorder quantity of 100, one roll of tubing needs to be reordered.

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