Inventory Adjustment Report


This report is used to print or view any or all adjustments that have been made in the Adjust Inventory screen within a certain period.  This allows you to track when and how the function is being used to keep track of your inventory movement.

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  • How can I change the print layout to landscape so that I can actually view the reason on my report? This report only give me part of what I need on it because it does not print all the information I enter on the adjustment screen (i.e. serial number, reason more than 17 characters.

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  • Hi Brigette!

    If you need to view information that's been cut off, or wish to further manipulate the report, simply use the toolbar in the top-left corner of the report's preview window.

    Click on Export, select Excel, save the file to your computer, and then open that file in Excel. You can then use Excel to flip the report to Layout OR expand columns/make changes.

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