Inventory Warehouse Detail Report


This screen is used to print an inventory warehouse in detail (to see a stock value and total average cost for each warehouse, run the Inventory Warehouse Summary report). Each warehouse will be printed with the parts contained in that warehouse, the quantity, and the total cost of all of those parts.

The last column of the report will show the true cost of the parts in your database based on the inventory accounting type you setup in the Inventory section of the System Setup screen. For example: if you choose FIFO
First In, First Out - an Inventory Valuation Type that will cause items to be costed out in the same order and price in which they were purchased. For example, if the first item is purchased at $5 and the second at $7, then the first item will be sold with a recorded cost of $5 and the second with a recorded cost of $7.
(First In, First Out) in System Setup, those values will be used. So a part you received into the main warehouse at $20.00 could have a different value than the same part you received into a different warehouse 3 months later for $21.25.

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