How to Merge/Transfer a Customer Location

This process can not be undone. Make a backup first!


Before we begin
  • Make sure the Location has no Open Dispatches
  • Make sure the Location has no Unposted/Unpaid Invoices
  • If a Customer has more than one location, you will not be able to Merge/Transfer Location 1
  • Dispatches, Equipment, Agreements, Jobs and Service History will transfer
  • Sales and Quote Invoices will remain under the old location and will be set to read only
  • The original Location will become Inactive
See it done





1. In ESC, head to the top left corner and click on Customer Center.


2. Search for and then double-click the customer in the list.


3. From the Customer Entry screen, click Activities and then click Merge Customer/Location.

    • The top-two fields contain the Customer and Location being Merged/Transferred.
    • The bottom-two fields contain the Customer and Location destination.

4. Review the information and when you are satisfied, press OK .

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