ESC Mobile Tech - APK Update

STOP - Use only by guidance of a dESCO Employee


ESC Mobile Tech - APK Update
  • You have a field tech using the Mobile Tech application on their Android device
  • You have a unique scenario, identified by a dESCO Support employee
  • dESCO Support has cleared you to update your ESC Mobile Tech APK
  • This process is best done from a Mobile Device


1. Uninstall the ESC Mobile Tech app from the device.

2. Go into your Apps and select Settings.

3. In Settings, tap Lock screen and security (or just Security).


4. In Security, make sure Unknown Sources is enabled.

5. From the device having issues, click here to download the updated APK.


6. After the APK has downloaded, tap the download and then tap Install.

7. Next, head back to Apps | Settings | Device | tap on on Applications | scroll to and tap ESC Tech.

8. In ESC Tech, make sure all these are enabled/on.

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