Changing the Default Flat Rate between None and Primary



Before we begin
  • This change was applied in version 15.00.25
  • This can be used to set the default Flat Rate to None
  • This can be used to set the default Flat Rate to Primary
  • You can still manually adjust the Flat Rate on your Invoice
  • This does not impact the ESC Mobile Tech or Mobile Manager applications
See it done






1. In ESC, go to Company | System Setup

2. Navigate to Inventory | General | Default to first flat rate

Example on Sales Invoice:

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  • Just wondering when this will be available for Mobile. Our flat rate that we created allows a mobile user to adjust the price on and invoice or quote. Because the setting is set to none on the mobile. Is there an ETA on when we will be able to have these prices 'locked' for the mobile user.

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  • Thanks for the feedback Lena! Unfortunately we do not have an ETA on that particular feature request.

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  • Wow that is unfortunate. There has to be some type of code that the flat rate providers are using that ESC could figure out. We use Cool Front Books formerly QSP for our service department pricing but for our installation replacement equipment pricing we entered those prices. I really wish ESC would make this a priority, I have used ESC for 25 years and I know there has to be a way you guys can figure this out. Thank you

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  • Anymore update on this being fixed?

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