Automated Status Notifications



What can I find with this feature?

  • Reduce no-shows and make it easy for the customer to reschedule
  • Instill confidence and “peace of mind” by highlighting certifications
  • You only get one shot at a first impression... make it personal and get great reviews!


1. In ESC, click Dispatch.

2. From Dispatch, navigate and click on Enter Status Codes.

3. Click on a Status Code and click Edit.

4. Click on, and fill out, the Notification tab. This is what your customer will see. You're all set!

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  • if there are multiple techs on a job does it send the message multiple times as the tech moves from traveling to working to complete? if so, how to avoid that?

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  • Hi Kathy! Status Notifications will always try to send out whenever a Status is applied to a Dispatch, by a Technician.

    Generally you'd want to assign Notifications to a new Status that you've setup, and not a Status such as Pending, Traveling, or Working.

    You can learn how to create a new Status Code here:

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  • Then I am confused.
    and the webinars I watched encouraged setting up status notifications. I thought I had done it correctly because I set it up this way
    when a tech switched to traveling, it sent a message saying your tech is en route.
    When a tech hit complete, it sent a message saying thank you/asking for a review.

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  • What you're describing is how it should work.

    Status Notifications function as an "If/Then:"

    If a Technician set's their Status to Traveling, Then a customer will receive a Status Notification for Traveling.

    So if you have a Dispatch with three separate Technicians, and they all set their Status to Traveling, the Customer would potentially receive three separate emails.

    Therefore, it would be smart to establish unique Status Codes that are only used once on a particular Dispatch. Maybe the Lead technician on the Job is the one that uses them. Just an idea.

    You're correct in how Status Notifications should work. If there are Multiple Techs on a Job, and they all use the same Status Code, then the customer will receive the same notification multiple times. So for something such as a Survey, it may be best to create a separate code just for the Survey, that could be done by someone in the office.

    If you still have any other questions, or would like to soundboard more ideas on this, just let us know. You're certainly on the right track!

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  • Does this only work if the technician changes the status via mobile?

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  • Nope! Works in the office or on mobile.

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