Part Order screen is "missing" or will not display in ESC

Description of Issue:

While using ESC, the "Part Order" screen is missing or I am unable able to see it. It's also important to note, while this article is talking about the "Part Order" screen, this troubleshooting will also work with the other missing screens, such as the "Receiving" screen or the "Bill Pay" screen.

Cause of Issue:

Generally, this is a result of the "Part Order" screen having been moved off-screen. Therefore, we need to restore the original position of the part order screen. 

Resolution of Issue: 

The following steps will help us reveal the hidden or missing screen.

1. First, locate the ESC icon on your Windows taskbar.


  • Note: If you have a missing window, its presence should still be visible by a second ESC icon placed just behind the icon on the taskbar.

2. Hover your mouse cursor over the ESC icon that is tucked behind the existing ESC icon.


3. Next, with your mouse hovering over the hidden screen, right-click the icon.

4. Upon right-clicking you will receive a few options, click Move.


5. Your cursor should change from a pointer to a crosshair. Once you see this, press the left arrow key on your keyboard. This should restore the missing screen.

  • Note: If the screen does not immediately restore, it may be attached to your crosshair cursor. You'll know this is the case if when you move the cursor you suddenly see the missing window as you drag the cursor around the screen. You can simply left-click to detach the window.
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