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Hey All, I briefly looked through the threads and articles, but didn't find anything like this.  Does anyone out there use ESC for Tracking their Assets (non-inventory) such as company-issued tools, phones, vans, etc?  If so, what is the best way to do it?  Thanks!



  • Josh,

    There are a number of ways to do this in ESC.  Whether it's worth the time and effort depends on the company.  One example follows.

    First, let's talk warehouses, because ESC will need a place to put the tools, etc.  I use warehouses 1 - 300 for actual inventoriable parts. For instance:

    0000      Main Stockroom

    1-20 (or whatever your count is)   These are our vans

    51-80     Staging Bins

    81           Returns waiting for RMAs

    99           Virtual returns (items that have been shipped back to the vendor under an RMA, but are not yet credited)

    100-120   Kits that contain parts.  For example:  Safe Kit, Bolt down kit, etc.

    5555        Consumables Temp Bin

    6666        Tool Cage


    So, when I'm doing inventory reports, etc.  I just make sure to do them only on warehouses 1-300.

    We created part numbers for all the tools in the tool cage, which start with TL for clarity.

    So, if Fred checks out the hammer drill, TL0001, we transfer it from 6666 to 0004 (Fred's Van).  When he returns it, reverse the process..

    Since you've created part numbers, you could bar code all the tools as well so they can be scanned in and out.


    Hope this helps.



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  • Awesome recommendation Rick.  Thank you!

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