Recurring meetings-dispatch

Hello, does anyone have a suggestion on how to use ESC dispatch to notify technicians and block out their schedule for recurring weekly team meetings?  Thanks in advance.



  • The system doesn't really support recurring jobs, except perhaps in the Agreements section, but I don't think that will help you.

    We just create a dispatch for x amount of time, 1 month, a quarter, and add all the techs to it on the approprate date.

    Don't go much over that, time wise.  For instance, if you set it up for a year, 11 months from now it will bog down the system as ESC will have to look back though 11 months any time you access it, including opening the dispatch board, etc.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Chuck,

    What i do for team meetings, Personal time off, Vacations and such.. if this helps. Company meetings and such i create a work order with our company as the customer and location, add all employees and schedule the days and times for each meeting, i set the dispatch type to "NB" (i created for Non-billable dispatches so if/when completed it doesn't waste an invoice number). Complete the dispatch for "meeting" and remove employees that were not present for that particular day. This way you can track who did or did not attend. If it is a "class" or training at a supplier, vendor or manufacturer i set the location to them and treat it the same way. For personal time off i set the location as the employee and schedule it for the day they are requesting off and set the time to the requested time off with the start time and estimated hours. All of these seem to work for me and if i run a tech hours report for any given day or week when they ask about missing hours or any reason it needs to be tracked i can print their hours report. This also gives me a way to track and double check the hours for payroll. 

    Hope this helps you and others with the same or similar question..

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