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Hi All,

This is Marcia a new staff member to a NoVa HVAC company and entry/beginning  user of ESC (3 mo).  Our company has been using the ESC software for several years now - primarily for dispatch; however, the system has a great deal of cleanup to be performed.  I am curious whether anyone would be willing to share their setup for Categories and Subcategories for best practice in the HVAC industry to save me some time in cleaning up what exists now.  There is vast room for improvement!!!  We are a Trane dealer and most of our items are specific to Trane products.  It would be wonderful if there are any users in the DC metro area willing to demo their use of the software.  I am not new to system solutions and feel I have a good handle on the ESC software unfortunately I am new to the HVAC Industry.  Any feedback is greatly appreciated. 

Thank you.  I am looking forward to being a future contributor to the community forum.



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  • Hi Marcia,

    We are brand new to ESC and have spent the last four months doing set-up.  Albeit very painful switching from a software that we used for 12+ years, we have dedicated a lot of internal resources to setting up ESC.  We have set up Categories and Sub-categories completely different from the ESC standard with the idea in mind that individuals using the program know nothing about the industry.  This makes it significantly more elementary...I am not all about memorizing codes that add another learning curve so we just eliminated that piece.  One thing to keep in mind is that the inventory search does not work the same on your field tablets.  ESC inventory search is super powerful in the office, however the mobile piece of this still needs work as we see it.

    I have a little bit of time to chat tomorrow so feel free to give me a quick call.  Not sure how this forum works with putting contact info on here so you can Google us to get our contact info.  Comfort Solutions, Inc. Springfield, VA.


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