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I know we touched on this months ago and I know enhancements are stag-net with the software but it would be really nice if there was a way to route email addresses to the correct location. It is so frustrating when sending out emails to have to recall the customer info to get the correct billing email address to send your email. If fixing the flaw in customer is too hard perhaps a easier fix would be to add a line in the dispatch record of email or bill to and it care over to the invoice. 






  • This has been a problem  for the 10+ years I've been using ESC.  I'd like to think they'll fix it someday. From a database structure standpoint it doesn't seem as if it would be a difficult fix, but evidently it is?


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  • I'm not sure if this will help, but here is how we handle our problem.... our techs use Mobile Invoicing and we import and send out from the office.

     1) For customers with multiple locations, we enter billing instructions in the General Tab address line.  The General Tab info is the default Bill To address on invoices when imported from mobile. 

       Examples:  1) " EMAIL to LOC001" for invoices to email to corporate   -  Office will be sure to change Bill To to Location 001 on invoice when processing. ESC will then use the email address under Location 001.     2) "EMAIL to STORE"  for invoices that need to be emailed to individual store. - Office will change Bill To Location to the appropriate store and email at that time. ESC will used the email address entered in that location tab    3) "MAIL To STORE" for invoice that need to be mailed to store. Office will change Bill To Location to appropriate store and print invoice. ESC will use that physical address on that Location tab.    4) "SUBMIT To SERVICE CHANNEL (or another facility maintenance company). This notifies the office that we have to submit invoice online somewhere.   5) For invoices that are being mailed to corporate, we just leave General Tab with the correct billing info. When there are no instructions on the Bill To section of invoice, the office knows to just mail to that address.

    Hope that helps!

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