Log in Date - v15.00.30

We were able to log in with the different dates to post invoices, make changes to old invoices, post agreements and agreement invoices, and post checks.

Now in order to change the date, we have to change the date on our computer.

Anyone else has issues with this?




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  • Hi Kim! There was a decision made to change the software as you've described.

    You will now make adjustments to dates directly on the screen relevant to the change. If you need to change the date on an Invoice, you'll bring up the Invoice. If you need to post Agreements on a particular date, you'll go to Agreements | Post Monthly Invoices or Post Scheduled Dispatches.

    Any scenario that should have the ability to adjust a date or set a date, should work perfectly. If there is a specific scenario you are unable to accomplish due to this change, please feel free to reach out to our support team directly! We can then spend some time and better understand the specific task you're unable to do because of a particular change.


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